Periodic table of elements


  1. 30.06.2012 - Hurray MOBILE VERSION!
    Created mobile version of periodic table of elements!!! does not yield sait version))) and the main works on the same URL address))), we tried to make you comfortable and useful product!
  2. 16.06.2012 - NEWS section is added. Here you will be informed about latest changes.
  3. 28.05.2012 - ABOUT section is added. Here you can find our feedback.
  4. 17.05.2012 - Russian and English versions of Periodic Table application are added to Facebook.
  5. 03.05.2012 - English version of Periodic Table is created -
  6. 22.04.2012 - We added GAME to our Table.
  7. 17.01.2012 - Solubility Table is added to Periodic Table app.
  8. 09.10.2011 - Previous version of Periodic Table is on .
  9. 03.10.2011 - New version of Periodic Table app is created, but only as website Waiting for it to appear in social networks.
  10. 03.10.2011 - Yuri Zabavchik, our designer, starts working on Periodic Table brand new interface.
  11. 22.09.2011 - Negotiations with Andrey Kulsha, chemistry specialist and autor of stationary periodic table, are started.
  12. 01.09.2011 - ConstFlash got an idea to create new and cool periodic table.